Key Features

  • All discs are made from top specification UV Stabilised advanced thermoplastics
  • Includes the SuperTensioner for safe, easy tightening of lane lines
  • Cable is SS316 with diameter of 3.1mm and max force of 5kn - allowing higher tension and more effective wave dissapation
  • FINA approved
  • 6 Standard Colour Options
  • Made in Australia

Part Number(s): 14-61-2501,14-61-3501, 14-61-4501, 14-61-249T, 14-61-349T, 14-61-449T, 14-61-250T, 14-61-350T, 14-61-450T,12-61-200-99, 12-61-300-99, 12-61-400-99

Product Description

Our unique, patented design is proven to reduce wave action and creates multidimensional barrier against waves by dispersing them along the lane line, through each individual freely spinning lane disc, and then down into the water.