Key Features

  • Available for on deck or in deck installation applications
  • 12" or 18" leg offsets are available to accommodate preferred setback
  • Salt-pool friendly with custom quote for powder coated or sealed steel finish
  • Stainless Steel legs and hardware for superior strength
  • Comes complete with backboard, net, ball, pump and needle

Specifications: 12" or 18" setback to center of anchor; 1.90" OD, 304 stainless steel frame; regulation rim, net, basketball, and needle

Part Number(s): 6" Bronze Stanchion Anchor Jig: SPS-BBALL GB-C; 6" Plastic Stanchion Anchor Jig: SPS-BBALL GP-C; On Deck Anchors Included: SPS-B BALL D-C

Product Description

This Traditional Basketball game set has an acrylic backboard and is the perfect addition to provide your family with hours of pool fun. The support legs come standard in stainless steel and are also available in other Powder-Coated or SealedSteel® finishes to match any backyard décor and ensure they are salt friendly.* Pair this pool game set with a diving board or water slide for the ultimate sport pool experience!

*Please contact for a custom quote on a SPS-BBAL 18 GBC, SPS-BBALL GB-C, SPS-BBALL GP-C or SPS-BBALL D-C