Key Features

  • Requires up to 50% less vertical space than competing solutions
  • For any indoor or outdoor pool
  • For pools of all shapes and sizes, with or without in-pool stairs
  • For any depth, between 0 and 5m
  • No pool shell modifications
  • No waterproof recess for motor
  • No floor locking system required
  • Low cost/low frequency maintenance
  • Advanced safety controls

Shipping Dimensions:

150 mm diameter I-Lock™ lifting column
100% 316L stainless steel components
Compliant with international standard of 65 kg/m2

Product Description

Our Akvo moveable floor solutions are made of a a rigid 316L stainless steel, self-supporting floor driven by lifting columns called Spiralift. Innovative and hassle-free, this technology is very robust and can stand up to wear, chlorine and heavy—even very heavy!—loads. The high load capacity of our moveable floors meets the international standard of 65 kg/m2, which can be easily increased with additional lifting columns. An adjustable system that meets your every need—that’s the real value of made-to-measure.