Product Description

This multi-market, open- or closed-flume slide is available with a ladder or a spiral staircase - you decide! The flexibility of this slide is perfect for commercial or high-end residential applications. The high-volume water delivery system gives you up to 30 gallons of water per minute.

Specifications: Height: 3.26 meters overall, 2.3 meters to the seat. Corkscrew flume is 5.8 m in length. Required deck space: 3.5 m x 3 m (with staircase), or 3 x 3 meter (with ladder). Weight limit: 148 kg Children must be supervised at all times when using this slide.

Part Number(s): 695-209-13, 695-209-124, 695-209-23, 695-209-224, 695-209-33, 695-209-324, 695-209-43, 695-209-424

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    Safe Slides are Our Priority

    All of our slides fully comply with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides, (16 CFR 1207). Whether it's our enclosed ladders, easy-to-grip hand rails or our nonslip treads, safety is engineered into every one of our slides, making them 100% CPSC compliant.