Product Description

The O-Series circular design is a fresh take on the traditional lifeguard chair! With the O-Series, your lifeguard has unlimited on/off access, and the 360-degree swivel seat allows for uninhibited scanning and a fast break from any angle. This easily movable unit allows you the flexibility of moving your lifeguard stations as needed. This lifeguard chair is compact and can easily fit on virtually any deck. Custom color footboard tread options are available to match your facility. 


Specifications: Height: 30" or 42". Required deck space: 42" x 42". Steel posts are 304 stainless steel.

Part Number(s): LGC-1001, LGC-1002

Shipping Dimensions:

30" O-Series: 72 lbs. (2 boxes): 49"L x 50"W x 56"H and 26"L x 20"W x 11"H. 42" O-Series: 100 lbs. (2 boxes): 45"L x 45"W x 8.5"H and 26"L x 20"W x 11"H