SRS Australia Pty. Ltd. (SRS Australia) is conducting a recall for the affected heliX pool slides manufactured by S.R. Smith.

SRS Australia has learned that a child can exit the slide before entering the pool, posing a fall hazard that can result in serious injury.

This recall does not require you to remove your slide from the pool deck. SRS Australia will provide a free Slide Rail Extension Kit that adds height to the lower section of the outer slide wall to prevent users from exiting the slide before entering the pool. To participate in the recall and obtain a free slide rail extension kit, please contact us with your heliX slide serial number. We strongly urge you to participate in the recall.

If you are unable to install the Slide Rail Extension Kit, please contact us and SRS Australia will locate a service company from our dealer network than can perform the installation at no charge to you. Call 07 3812 2283 or email


heliX Slide Extension Kit Order Form

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