Key Features

  • Suitable for LR850 starting block bases
  • 316 stainless steel with non-slip replaceable grating
  • No additional core drilling & deck sockets required
  • No additional earthing (single earthing point in block anchor)
  • Adjustable foot removes any up or down movement
  • Adjustable front panel accommodates fall of pool deck

Part Number(s): LR850-2MTURNPANEL, LR850-2.4MTURNPANEL

Shipping Dimensions:

2.4m Turnpanel – 2400mm L x 210mm H x 800mm W - 15kg
2m Turnpanel - 2000mm L x 210mm H x 800mm W - 13kg

Product Description

The Long Reach Block Turn Panel attaches to the starting block base and creates a non-slip endwall for tumble turns. Vertical adjustments can be made to accommodate the fall of the pool and optional attachment points are available for timing pads. The turn panel can be easily removed from the socket and stored when not in use. Available in two sizes: 2m & 2.4m width.