Key Features

  • Suitable for narrow end walls
  • Durable, non-slip tread
  • Adjustable track start on 650 Launch and Velocity models
  • Base: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Square Post Tubing
  • Custom colour coatings available
  • FINA compliant

Part Number(s): VELO-SR250F, 650L- SR250, 600- SR250F

Shipping Dimensions:

VELO-SR250F: Weight: 25kg   600mm L x 620mm W x 480mm H
650L- SR250 and 600- SR250F : Weight: 28kg   650mm L x 605mm W x 480mm H

Product Description

Short reach starting blocks are designed with a 240mm setback and 350mm height, allowing them to be installed on pool with narrow raised end walls. Available with 3 platform configurations including an elite competition platform with track start adjustable to 5 positions. The track start wedge can tuck away at the rear of the footboard.