Key Features

  • Full-sized competition floating goal
  • Strong, powder-coated aluminium frame with 3m x .9m face
  • Equipped with marine nylon pool edge bumpers on the rear of the frame and durable oversized HDPE floatation elements that rest on the pool concourse to prevent scraping and chipping of the pool tiles and guttering when installing and removing from the pool.
  • Easy to install, newly redesigned marine nylon net clips ensure a solid connection between net and goal for simple, secure installation of the net to the goal.

Model Number(s): 14-61-0120G, 14-61-0140G

Shipping Dimensions:

Two Cartons - Carton One = 11kgs, 156cm x 22cm x 17cm, Carton Two = 19kgs, 156cm x 22cm x 17cm.

Product Description

The Global Anti Goal blends cutting edge materials and production with innovative design, resulting in a light weight, heavy duty, compact, full-sized competition polo goal that meets the needs of all clubs and facilities around the world. Each component and fitting has been carefully selected and tested for maximum durability and longevity, even under the most severe player and environmental conditions. Available in 1.2m and 1.4m depths (1.4m meets current FINA depth rules). Made in Australia to the highest specifications.