How Often to Clean TrueTread™

S.R.Smith's patented TrueTread™ is a durable, marine grade composite material used on both a stylish line of residential diving boards as well as on Velocity Starting Blocks for competitive swimming. Whether for competition or play, TrueTread™ provides a resilient, anti-slip footing for all swimmers and is designed to stand up to salt, sun and hours of use.

To preserve the appearance and durability of S.R.Smith Velocity Starting Block and TrueTread™ diving board surfaces follow these regular maintenance procedures, and always immediately after high use periods of time (i.e. swim meets).

  • Apply warm water and a gentle soap or detergent to the TrueTread surface and allow to sit for a short period of time.
  • Follow by scrubbing with a soft brush to remove any debris and dirt that may have built up around the raised diamond pattern surface.
  • Ensure the TrueTread is kept wet throughout the process. Never scrub in a dry condition.
  • Once the surface is scrubbed clean, hose down with clear, warm water.

Important note: Steam or high pressure equipment should not be used, nor should harsh detergents containing ingredients such as ammonia or bleach.

TrueTread Diving Boards in Blue, Red, and Grey

Starting Block with Blue Frame and Yellow TrueTread