Pool Access

Pool Access

Diving Boards

Diving Boards



Ladders and Rails

Ladders and Rails

Lifeguard Chairs

Lifeguard Chairs

Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting

Pool Slides

Pool Slides

In-Pool Furniture

In-Pool Furniture

Commercial In-Pool Furniture

Commercial In-Pool Furniture

Starting Blocks

Starting Blocks

SwimWall Systems and Pool Bulkheads

SwimWall Systems and Pool Bulkheads

Lane Line Accessories

Lane Line Accessories

Water Features

Water Features

Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

3" Bronze Anchor

4" Bronze Anchor (1.50" OD)

4" Bronze Anchor (1.90" OD)

4" Bronze Institutional Anchor

4" Bronze Institutional Anchor Assembly

4" (316) Stainless Steel Commercial Wedge Anchor (1.50" OD)

4" (316) Stainless Steel Commercial Wedge Anchor (1.90" OD)

4" (304) Stainless Steel Residential Anchor (1.50" OD)

4" (304) Stainless Steel Residential Anchor (1.90" OD)

6" Bronze Anchor (AS-100D)

6" Bronze Anchor (AS-100EB)

6" (316) Stainless Steel Commercial Anchor (1.50" OD)

6" (316) Stainless Steel Commercial Anchor (1.90" OD)

6" (304) Stainless Steel Residential Anchor (1.50" OD)

6" (304) Stainless Steel Residential Anchor (1.90" OD)

Adjustable Direction Inlet Fittings

Aluminum Deck-Mounted Anchor Flange Kit

Anchor Cover Plate

Arm Rests

aXs2 Lift Cover

Bronze Deck Jet


1.5" Circular Flow Inlet Fittings

Deck Boxes

Double Anchor Socket Assembly

Double Escutcheon Plate

Dual Post Starting Platform Anchor

Econoline Plastic Tread

Elite Stainless Steel Tread

Elite Stainless Steel Tread with 15° Tilt

Epoxy Kit

Eyebolt/Expansion Shield

Flush Anchor and Eyebolt Racing Line

Flush Anchor Pair

Folding Seat

Heavy-Duty Controlled Flow Sight Glass

Hinged Ladder Anchor

Hydrostatic Relief Valve

Lane Line Anchor for Overflow Pools

Leakless Flanges

Legacy Escutcheon

Legacy Long Reach Escutcheon

LiftOperator Cover

multiLift Cover

multiLift Folding Seat Cover

Oblong Escutcheon

Oblong Escutcheon (EP-100A)

PAL or Splash! Cover

Plastic Deck-Mounted Anchor Flange Kit

Plastic Treads

LiftLock2 - Locking Lift Anchor

Pool Lift Available Sign

Pool Lift Battery

Pool Lift Warning Sign

Radiant Flow Inlet Fittings

Rapid-Fill Pool Fill Spouts

Recessed Step (17.5")

RockSolid Anchor

Rope Arrow Eyebolt Anchor

Round Escutcheon (1.50”)

Round Escutcheon (1.625")

Round Escutcheon (1.90")

Safety-Pool Step Retrofit Kit

Sand Tread Repair Kit

Seat Pad

Seat Saver Pool Lift Cover


Snap-Lok Hinge Bracket Assembly

Snap-Tite Escutcheon

Spine Board Attachment

Splash! Mast & Seat Cover Combo

Splash! Mast Cover

Split Tee Joining Connector

Stability Strap

Stability Vest

Stainless Steel Anchor (1.90" OD)

Starting Block Safety Cover

Starting Platform Side Handles (Legacy)

Suck-It-Up™ Commercial Vacuum Head

The Hook™ Rope Hook

U-Frame Fulcrum Cover

Uni-Fit Maximum Protection 90° Drains & Grates

Uni-Fit Rectangular Gutter Drains and Grates

Universal Plastic Anchor

Vacuum Fittings (Concrete/Shotcrete)

Vacuum Fittings (Fiberglass/Vinyl Liner/Steel/Aluminum)


White Rubber Bumper – Female

White Rubber Bumper – Male

Xpand-N-Lok Rubber Bumper – Male

Starting Platform Side Handles (Velocity)

Commercial Anchor Channel Sets

Residential Anchor Channel Sets

Lane Line Wall Anchor

1.5" Locking Escutcheon

Sentry Lifeguard Chair Wheel Kits

6" Round Escutcheons

Velocity with Track Start Wedge Safety Cover

Adapter Kits

RockSolid Dual Post Anchor

6 inch Stainless Steel Commercial Wedge Anchors

Commercial Products

Commercial Products

Residential Products

Residential Products

Pool Access Products

Pool Access Products

Pool Lighting Products

Pool Lighting Products

New Products

New Products

EOL Products

EOL Products

Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal Pool Covers



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New S.R.Smith Meridian Designer Inspired Rails

Introducing Beautiful Innovation

New Commercial Grade, Extended Reach Pool Basketball Hoop

S.R.Smith Acquires Global Leader of Swimming Pool Lifts

U.S. DOJ Releases Updated ADA Requirements for Aquatics

S.R.Smith Names General Manager for Lighting and Emerging Markets

S.R.Smith Acquires the Assets of All Fibreglass Products

S.R.Smith Earns Prestigious Spa Retailer Trade Award

New Velocity Starting Platform Series from S.R.Smith

S.R.Smith Launches ADA Pool Accessibility Website

Hamilton Southeastern Swimmers Start with Velocity

S.R.Smith Becomes an APSP Strategic Partner

S.R.Smith Introduces New Generation Starting Block

New Marine Grade Stainless Steel Commercial Anchors from S.R.Smith

Introducing poolLUX™ Premier: Advanced LED Pool Lighting Control, Simplified

S.R. Smith Introduces New Pool Lift, the PAL2

S.R.Smith Names Commercial Sales Representative

S.R. Smith Introduces XL Capacity Lane Line Storage Reel

New Treo and Treo Micro Bulk Packs Offer Builders Savings

S.R.Smith Renews Strategic Partnership with APSP

S.R.Smith Adds ADA Hand Rails to Product Line

Fiber to LED Pool Lighting Conversion Program Opens Untapped Market

Introducing the heliX2® Pool Slide

S.R.Smith Introduces New Line of Pool Lift Covers

Matt Gelgand Joins S.R.Smith Sales Force

S.R.Smith Introduces a 360 Degree Slide, the heliX

New Dual Post Starting Platforms from S.R.Smith

S.R.Smith Offers Pool Lift Maintenance Resources

S.R. Smith Offers Pool Lift Troubleshooting Video Library

S.R.Smith Acquires Assets of Inter-Fab, Inc.

ML300 Press Release

Introducing poolLUX® Plus2

S.R.Smith Acquires Anti Wave Australia

S.R.Smith Acquires Fiberstars, An Energy Focus Company

SolidStart Edge Grip Enhancement for Starting Platforms

S.R.Smith Introduces New Rogue2 Pool Slide

S.R.Smith Names Anti Wave Australia General Manager

S.R.Smith Expands the Velocity Starting Block Series

S.R.Smith Announces Winner of In-Pool Furniture Promotion

S.R.Smith Creates New Category with Mod-Lite™

S.R.Smith Acquires Pool Energy Saving Product Operations in U.S. and Australia

S.R.Smith Creates Fiber to LED Conversion Kits for Aging Pool Market

COVID-19 Business Update

COVID-19 Shipping Update

COVID-19 Operations Update

Production Lead Times

S.R.Smith Kicks Off the Season with A WIN A TYPHOON® SLIDE Promotion

Shipping Delays Related to COVID-19

Brightening The Fiberstars

Oregon Wildfires Update

S.R.Smith Launches Mod-Lite MultiWhite

S.R.Smith Expands Sentry Lifeguard Chair Line

S.R.Smith Expands In-Pool Furniture Offerings

SwimWall System at the University of Bath wins at U.K. Pool and Spa Awards

Slide Production Update

S.R.Smith Acquires Assets of Composite Aquatic Innovations DBA Stark Bulkheads

S.R.Smith Hires New Commercial Sales Director

SwimWall System at the University of Bath Wins Gold at SPASA

Global Leader in Pool and Spa Manufacturing Acquires S.R.Smith

S.R.Smith Launches Industry-Leading Order Tracker Tool

S.R.Smith Launches kēloXL 10” Class LED Pool Light

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