Product Description

3-Bend ADA Stair Rails come in a wide variety of lengths (ranging from 4' to 8') to accommodate almost any pool, and feature a 34" height to meet ADA handrail guidelines. 3-Bend ADA Stair Rails are available in other Powder-Coated or SealedSteel® finishes as custom orders. Please reach out to to confirm details.

Specifications: Tubing: 1.90" OD, Wall thickness: .065", Type: 304 or 316L

Part Number(s): 3HR-4ADA, 3HR-5ADA, 3HR-5.5ADA, 3HR-6ADA, 3HR-6.5ADA, 3HR-7ADA, 3HR-8ADA

Shipping Dimensions:

4' Rails, 20 lbs. 60"L x 42"W x 4"H 5' Rails, 22 lbs. 72"L x 42"W x 4"H 5.5' Rails, 24 lbs. 78"L x 42"W x 4"H 6' Rails, 26 lbs. 84"L x 42"W x 4"H 6.5' Rails, 28 lbs. 90"L x 42"W x 4"H 7' Rails, 30 lbs. 96"L x 42"W x 4"H 8' Rails, 32 lbs. 108"L x 4"W x2 4"H