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poolLUX Plus Transformer

Product Description

poolLUX Plus combines power and lighting control in one simple system.

Key Features

  • 60W or 100W low voltage transformer options
  • External on/off control switch increases convenience and can save on electrician costs
  • Extended range (100’ Line of Sight) Wireless remote with one-touch color sync for S.R.Smith LED lights – S.R.Smith LED lights feature (6) colors and (2) shows
  • Compatible with other 12VAC power toggle LED lights
  • Convenient terminal strip wiring - no wire nuts required
  • Oversized wiring space with convenient terminal strip connections
  • Internal self-resetting thermal fuse to protect against overheating conditions
  • Fast acting replaceable current fuse for safety enhancing short circuit protection
  • Accessible low voltage 12VAC and 13VAC wiring terminals for standard or extended wiring runs
  • Corrosion resistant (NEMA 3R) and sound dampening housing (quiet operation)
  • (4) low-voltage and (4) line-voltage combination knockouts (3/4” or 1”) plus (2) special use knockouts
  • ETL Listed – Conforms to UL 379 (Pool, Spa and Fountain Power Unit Standard)
  • Certified to CSA C22.2#218.1
  • Two-year warranty

Specifications: Corrosion resistant polycarbonate housing for harsh pool environments

Part Number(s): pLX-PL60, pLX-PL100, 2TR-pLX-PL60, 3TR-pLX-PL60, 2TR-pLX-PL100, 3TR-pLX-PL100, 2KE-pLX-PL60, 3KE-pLX-PL60, 2KE-pLX-PL100, 3KE-pLX-PL100


  • Q:

    How many lights can I put on one S.R.Smith poolLUX® Power, Plus, or Plus2 Dual transformer or controller?

    Please see the latest pool lighting configuration guide: Pool Lighting Configuration Guide

  • Q:

    How do I get my S.R.Smith poolLUX® Plus Transformer remote control to work?

    Please see the latest on page 13 of the poolLUX® Plus Transformer Owner's Manual (Part Numbers PLX-PL60, PLX-PL100):

    1. Check your batteries – The S.R.Smith remote uses two AAA batteries. 
    2. The wireless remote may be in ‘sleep mode’, please push one of the two buttons to wake it up. If a flashing red light appears, it is working.
      a. The remote will go back to sleep after 30 seconds, so please press any button to wake it up again.
      b. Point the remote to the sky, as if you're holding a glass of water. The signal transmits out the back of the remote. Do not point the remote at the transformer, it is less effective.
    3. Check that the rocker switch on the side of the poolLUX transformer is set to ‘Remote’ and not in ‘OFF’ or ‘ON’ position. Remote position is down. 
    4. Remove the cover of the PLX transformer and make sure the antenna is in the up position. 
    5. Are you within 75-100 ft, line-of-sight from the transformer? Range is reduced with objects and structures in the transmission path. 
    6. Still not working? Perhaps one of the dip switches moved to a different position during transit?  The wireless remote and the PLX-Plux transformer’s dip switches default to position “A” from the factory. Both must match.
    7. If you have already reset both dip switches, then the transformer needs to be powered OFF and ON to reset channel setting.
  • Q:

    How do I extend my antenna for the poolLUX® Plus Transformer?

    Antenna extenders and other parts are located on page 15 of the poolLUX® Plus transformer owner's manual. 

  • Q:

    How do I locate dip switches?

    1. Wireless Remote – unscrew the battery compartment on the back of the wireless remote, once the battery cover is off, you will see a dip switch, make sure this dip switch is in position “A”.  
    2. You will need to remove the cover of the poolLUX transformer to locate the receiver dip switch to make sure it matches the remote dip switch setting. If code is changed, the unit will need to be power cycled before it goes into effect.

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