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Commercial Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor

Product Description

These 6" deep, 316 stainless steel anchors with wedge accommodate 1.50” OD or 1.9" OD tubing. These anchors are ideal for a wide range of commercial products including starting blocks, rails, games, and more. Replacement kit with wedge, bolt and washer available - Part #8-422A for 1.50” and Part #8-421A for 1.90”.

Key Features

  • Marine Grade 316 stainless steel provides high corrosion resistance for harsh pool environments
  • Helps extend the life of pool deck equipment, and keeps it looking newer
  • Stainless steel products placed in stainless steel anchors resist the galvanic corrosion that can cause discoloration when dissimilar metals are placed together
  • Mounting holes for deck anchor channels

Part Number(s): AS-206MG, AS-106MG

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