Summer always flies by, but how can we already be talking about winterizing your pool?  We've put together our top tips for hassle-free pool closing.

1. Clean Out The Pool

Start by cleaning out any leaves, dirt, insects, or other debris. Vacuum the pool and scrub the walls.

2. Balance the Water

Protect your pool from corrosion by balancing the water. Adjust the water chemistry to the recommended levels of pH, alkalinity, and chlorination. Once the pool chemistry has been balanced, add the recommended winterizing chemicals. If you aren't sure what chemicals to add, your local pool retailer can help you!

3. Remove Equipment

Remove any ladders, rails, skimmer baskets, wall fittings, hoses and cleaners. Clean and dry them, and store them in a dry space. Now is also a great time to store all of your outdoor furniture and accessories to prevent weathering.

4. Lower the Water Level

Most winter covers require you to lower the water level 4"-6" below the skimmer. Check the recommendations of your pool cover manufacturer for details.

5. Drain Pump and Heater

Make sure all of the water is drained from the pump and filters before disconnecting them. You can use an air compressor to be sure there is no standing water in the system. Also, be sure to remove the drain plugs.

6. Protect Your Pipes

Use a wet-dry shop vac or air compressor to blow all of the water out of your pipes. Tightly plug the fitting below the water line.

If you opt not to clear your pipes, you can also add swimming pool antifreeze to the pipes to prevent freezing. Finish by wrapping any exposed pipes with an insulating material.

7. Maintain Treo Pool Lights

Swimming Pools may or may not be drained completely. If not drained completely, the water level should be lowered below the S.R.Smith Treo LED light and all water is drained from the wall fitting and conduit. Alternatively, the S.R.Smith Treo LED light may be removed completely, the conduit purged of all water, and a 1 1/2” NPT male plug with thread sealing tape may be used to close the wall fitting.

NOTE - If water is trapped in conduit, damage may occur from freeze expansion.

Lamp Replacement Instructions for S.R.Smith Treo Light

1. Depending on your particular installation, lowering the water level may or may not be required. Extra cord may have been coiled inside the conduit or near the power equipment. Only open the light body in a ’dry’ environment, above the water level.

2. Unscrew the Color Bezel Ring from the light body.

3. Unscrew the (6) six lens screws to unclip the lamp from the lamp socket as shown on the Assembly drawing below.

4. Replace the FLED-LAU (C or W) Lamp. Note: To ensure reliable operation of your S.R.Smith Treo LED lamp use a genuine S.R.Smith LED lamp and seal replacement kit (part no. FLED-LAU-C or FLED-LAU-W). When the lamp is replaced it is important to maintain the water tight seal by replacing the "O" ring.

5. When reassembling the S.R.Smith Treo LED lamp, ensure the "O" ring is sitting correctly and that the lamp keyway notches fit the housing tabs. Replace the (6) lens screws and ensure the screws are snug but not over tightened. Screw on the colored Bezel Ring to the light housing.

6. Feed wire back into the wall fitting or conduit if light was removed from the wall.

8. Cover the Pool

There are many options for winter pool covers... be sure you select one that works well for your pool and local climate.  Follow the included instructions closely for the best fit.