Pool Cover and Reel Protector

Product Description

Protect your pool covers from the harsh elements while they are stored on the reels. These reel cover protectors will help ensure that your pool covers last to their full potential.

Part Numbers:

Black Blue
SG-42X16, SG-42X17,
SG-42X18, SG-42X19,
SG-42X20, SG-6X16,
SG-6X17, SG-6X18,
SG-6X19, SG-6X20,
SG-8X16, SG-8X17,
SG-8X18, SG-8X19,
SG-42X16B, SG-42X17B,
SG-42X18B, SG-42X19B,
SG-42X20B, SG-6X16B,
SG-6X17B, SG-6X18B,
SG-6X19B, SG-6X20B,
SG-8X16B, SG-8X17B,
SG-8X18B, SG-8X19B,

Key Features

  • Customizable to all configurations and reel widths
  • Included dowels and brass grommets to easily secure to the reel frame
  • Available in blue or black

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