S.R.Smith SwimWall Systems® project at the University of Bath wins Gold at SPASA - Queensland

Canby, OR (06/22/2021) — At the recent SPASA - Queensland Awards of Excellence, S.R.Smith’s SwimWall Systems® project at the University of Bath (UK) was awarded the International Project 2021 Gold Winner award.

The University of Bath identified the need to create alternate means of generating revenue and provide increased flexibility for their London 2012 Legacy Pool, a leading performance sport center for student and non-student swimmers. The pool is used for training Olympic caliber athletes but also serves the student body and greater community. The installation of the S.R.Smith SwimWall allows the University to segment the pool for multiple uses at the same time without affecting the structure of the overall pool or limiting their ability to serve the British Swimming Elite Programme.

This project was initiated by the coaching staff who were tired of wasting time with setup and dismantle of the dated turn panels as well as the swimmer’s inability to properly train for short course and interval sprints. As a result, they began to search for new options for the 50m Olympic pool. They found that the S.R.Smith SwimWall System provided a solution to their problems. The SwimWall allows coaches to increase training time and overall pool utilization by running mixed programs concurrently.

Stephen Baddeley, Director of Sport at the University of Bath said;

“We are delighted with our SwimWall System which provides a really firm turning surface for the many elite swimmers who use our facility. My staff delights in the ease and speed with which they are raised and lowered, while the flexibility created by being able to divide our pool into 16, rather than 8, separate lanes has improved our customer offer and been particularly useful during these COVID-constrained times.”

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