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LiftOperator® Intelligent Control

Product Description

The LiftOperator Intelligent Control is the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market. With an emergency stop button that can stop the lift mid-cycle and an audible safety alert that can bring a stranded user to the attention of your facility personnel, the LiftOperator ensures user safety. The control's internal memory stores information about pool lift usage that can be pulled onto a standard USB drive, and uploaded onto your computer for analysis. The optional Activation Key prevents unauthorized use - ideal for unattended pool environments.

Key Features

  • Emergency stop button sounds an audible alarm and can stop the lift
  • Bright LED color-coded indicator shows battery life
  • Service notification light meets ADA guidelines for scheduled maintenance, promoting regular service checks (based on 3–4 months average usage)
  • USB port transfers usage data to a USB memory stick for review on PC

Specifications: 2 Button Control: multiLift and multiLift2. 4 Button Control: aXs2, Splash! and PAL2.

Part Number(s): 400-7001, 400-7001K, 400-7000, 400-7000K, 1001499, 1001600

Shipping Dimensions:

10lbs. 16"L x 5"W x 5"H

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