S.R.Smith is pleased to announce the launch of new Fiber to LED Re-lighting Kits to convert legacy fiber optic lighting to vibrant LED.  The kits offer the core components necessary for an LED lighting upgrade. Simply remove the existing illuminator tower and the fiber optic bundles from the existing conduit, replace with Treo LED pool lights and reconnect to the new PT- 6000 tower. The re-lighting kits include a PT-6000 power center, base, and 1, 2 or 3 color Treo LED pool lights, all in one box.  Color Treo lights allow you to select from 6 colors (white, blue, green, red, amber, and magenta) or 2 color changing modes including slow color change or party mode.  The Re-Lighting Kits allow for 2 groups of lights to be independently controlled via a manual on-off switch or a wireless remote control. 

“Our goal is to make it easy for builders and service professionals to upgrade customers to energy efficient LED lighting,” said Brett Fritts, Vice President and General Manager for Lighting and Emerging Markets at S.R.Smith.  “The switch to LED is a cost effective way to let customers see their pools in a whole new light.”

S.R.Smith if offering qualified dealers free consumer oriented marketing materials to help sell the benefits of fiber to LED conversions to pool owners.  Visit http://srsmith.com/en-us/order-brochures/ to order flyers, postcards and door hangers and see video of an actual fiber to LED conversion project. To learn about our Lighting Test Drive program, contact S.R.Smith at (800) 824-4387 or email sales@srsmith.com.