Does Your Customer's Pool Slide Meet the Federal Safety Standard?

Swimming pool slides add a huge element of fun to swimming pools, but to ensure the good times last, safety must always be the first consideration.  There are three things to consider regarding the safety of your customer's pool slide: adherence to the mandatory federal safety standard, product safety features, and proper installation.

Safety Standards

The best swimming pool slides pass dozens of unique performance standards outlined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  Only swimming pool slides that have been graded to the CPSC Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides (16 CFR Part 1207) should be installed on pools. “This standard is applicable to all swimming pool slides manufactured after July 17, 1976” and covers everything from manufacturing materials to design and performance testing requirements, and provides recommendations regarding installation, maintenance, and intended use; with the ultimate goal being to reduce or eliminate unreasonable risks.

What is the CPSC?

An independent agency of the U.S. federal government, the Consumer Product Safety Commission was established in 1972 to develop safety standards for consumer products. The CPSC exists to protect the American public from risk of injury and death by reviewing and analyzing consumer products for safety. Swimming pool slide standards were adopted in 1976.  The CPSC issues and enforces mandatory standards or bans consumer products if no feasible standard would adequately protect the public. For more information, visit them at

Safety Tests

The CPSC Pool Slide Standard outlines requirements concerning manufacturing, construction, and materials. The standard also makes recommendations regarding handling, storage, marking and installation. Swimming pool slides must meet all applicable standard requirements to fully comply. Here are some examples of performance tests.

CPSC Water Slide Safety

Safety Features

In addition to purchasing a CPSC-compliant slide for your customer, you can also look for additional safety features like sturdy, molded handrails that are easy to grip, wide ladder treads with enclosed steps, and high side walls.


Finally, correct installation is imperative to pool slide safety. A CPSC-compliant pool slide with loads of built-in safety features would still not be safe if not installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Swimming pool slides should only ever be installed on in-ground swimming pools that have the proper water depth below the slide flume, and enough “space” in the pool to the front and sides of the slide exit (often called the “water envelope”).

How Do I Make Sure I am Buying a CPSC Compliant Slide?

Most of the time it is simple.  Look for manufacturers who promote compliance on their website, in their marketing materials or on the product itself.  Additionally, all CPSC compliant slide manufacturers are required to provide a Certificate of Conformity with each slide they manufacture.  These certificates can be part of the packaging or can come as a separate dedicated document.  Regardless of the form factor a CPSC compliant slide manufacturer will be able to provide supporting compliance documentation upon request. To confirm your preferred manufacturer's compliance with this federal safety standard, request a copy of their compliance documentation. If you are unable to ascertain their compliance information, then you should question the validity of your preferred brands compliance claims.

All S.R.Smith swimming pool slides are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest safety standards.

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