Key Features

  • Perfect for residential or commercial use
  • For use on pool shelves with water depths up to 12 inches
  • Offers slight rocking feature for easier exit off chair
  • High-quality RTM composite design
  • UV protected to resist fading
  • Compatible with all pool types
  • Exclusive colors and visual textures
  • Patent pending
  • Easy to drain and remove when not in use
  • 2-Pack kits available
  • Made in the USA

Specifications: Weight of Empty Chair: 20 lbs. Weight of Chair in Water: 6" Depth = 40 lbs. 9" Depth = 49 lbs. 12" Depth = 60 lbs.

Part Number(s): Tan: DS-2-51, DS-2-51-2PK, Gray: DS-2-52, DS-2-52-2PK, Mont Blanc: DS-2-54, DS-2-54-2PK, Pebble: DS-2-55, DS-2-55-2PK, Fashion Gray: DS-2-56, DS-2-56-2PK, Cappuccino: DS-2-57, DS-2-57-2PK, Autumn Sun: DS-2-58, DS-2-58-2PK, Starry Night: DS-2-60, DS-2-60-2PK, Seashell: DS-2-61, DS-2-61-2PK

Product Description

The Destination Series Rocking Lounge Chair is the latest addition to S.R.Smith’s In-Pool Furniture line. This elegantly designed and sturdy in-pool chair offers a slight rocking feature that allows for easier exit off the Chair while in the pool. A high-performance composite manufacturing process called Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), ensures that the Rocking Lounge Chair is lightweight yet strong. The innovative design allows pool owners to easily drain the water and remove the in-pool lounge chair from the sun shelf when not in use.