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Exercise, Training and Therapeutic Bars

Product Description

Exercise, Training and Therapeutic (ETT) bars are available in two standard sizes, 48" and 88", as well as custom sizes to meet the requirements of your facility. ETT bars are also available with or without flanges.

Specifications: Tubing: 1.50" or 1.90" OD. Wall thickness: .049" or .065". Type: 304 or 316L stainless steel.

Part Numbers




48" 88" Assembly

With Flange: TR-100A
Without Flange: TR-100B

With Flange: TR-101A
Without Flange: TR-101B

Flanged Anchor Stud Assembly: 60-718


2' 3' 4' 5'

Without Flange: EB-099B
Marine Grade Without Flange: EB-099B-MG
Marine Grade With Flange: EB-099A-MG

Without Flange: EB-100B
Marine Grade Without Flange: EB-100B-MG
Marine Grade With Flange: EB-100A-MG

Without Flange: EB-101B
Marine Grade Without Flange: EB-101B-MG
Marine Grade With Flange: EB-101A-MG

Without Flange: EB-102B
Marine Grade Without Flange: EB-102B-MG
Marine Grade With Flange: EB-102A-MG

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