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Frontier II Diving Board

Product Description

The Frontier II Board is intended for light to moderate duty use on residential pools and features an anti-slip tread for maximum safety.


Key Features

  • Fiberglass reinforced core, acrylic shell with flexible outer edge diving board
  • Matte backside with non-slip sanded tread

Specifications: Available in 6' and 8' lengths. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Part Numbers


6' Boards 6' | Matching Tread

66-209-586S2 White
66-209-586S3 Blue
66-209-586S10 Taupe
66-209-586S20 Pewter Gray
66-209-586S23 Pebble w/ clear tread
66-209-586S24 Gray Granite w/ clear tread
66-209-586S21 Silver Gray

66-209-586S2T White
66-209-586S3T Blue
66-209-586S10T Taupe
66-209-586S20T Pewter Gray
66-209-586S23T Pebble w/ clear tread
66-209-586S24T Gray Granite w/ clear tread
66-209-586S21T Silver Gray

8' Boards

66-209-588S2 White
66-209-588S3 Blue
66-209-588S10 Taupe
66-209-588S20 Pewter Gray
66-209-588S23 Pebble w/ clear tread
66-209-588S24 Gray Granite w/ clear tread
66-209-588S21 Silver Gray


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