Product Description

The Economy ladder is our top-selling residential pool ladder. Made from beautiful stainless steel for a classic look, or add a layer of protection by powder coating in one of our designer colors. Choose an ultra durable plastic, or stainless steel tread. Rubber bumpers are fitted to the ends to protect a vinyl liner where the ladder meets the side of the pool.

Specifications: Tubing: 1.90". OD Type: 304 or 316L stainless steel. Wall Thickness: .049" Number of treads: 2, 3, or 4. 6" radius bends.

Part Number(s): 2-Step Plastic: VLLS-102E; 2-Step Stainless Steel: VLLS-102S; 3-Step Plastic: VLLS-103E; 3-Step Stainless Steel: VLLS-103S; 4-Step Plastic: VLLS-104E; 4-Step Stainless Steel: VLLS-104S

Shipping Dimensions:

23-27 lbs. 61"-66"L x 29"W x 2"H