Family life is all about stages. Starting with the innocence of wee little ones, then quickly progressing to the formative teen years, adults typically find solace decades later in their empty nest. Finally, families ultimately face the golden stage: (grand) parenthood. For some families, a common thread through all of these life stages is the backyard swimming pool. A pool goes through life with you. It can be a constant throughout all of these stages.

Stage 1: The Early Years

Swimming pools often enter the picture when the kids are young.  They learn to swim and gradually get comfortable in the water. Yet the pool walls can’t always contain their energy and enthusiasm. They need more…excitement in the water. That’s where a pool slide like the Cyclone comes in. This kid-friendly, curvy apparatus of pure joy is just 4 feet tall and features molded handrails and an enclosed ladder. The Cyclone brings youngsters to a safe splashdown over and over again. It’s perfect for youngsters who want to slide smoothly (and safely) into summer, leaving school far behind. When they outgrow the Cyclone they can move up to its big brother, the Typhoon pool slide.


Stage 2: The Wonder Years

Life now shifts to active teenagers, or rather, the quest to reduce screen time and increase time outside. A swimming pool, especially one equipped with our sporty TrueTread™ diving board, will beckon your teens and their friends outside for hours of pool fun. Teens always love to have the latest and greatest, and this diving board definitely screams “Look at me!” It will be high on their list of reasons to get back in the backyard!

Circle of Family Life with a Backyard Pool

Teens also love to play pool games such as basketball and volleyball. These activities are great social connectors for teens because they can play with family members and with peers.


Stage 3: The Reconnect Years

You’ve done your job. The teenagers have moved out and moved on. Now is your time to enjoy the pool, as a couple. Create a backyard oasis that is both functional and elegant with a modern rail, in-pool furniture or pool lighting from S.R.Smith.

Consider upgrading your traditional pool rails to the beautiful Artisan or Meridian Series Rails. These modern rails come in many shapes and styles, and are designed to retrofit easily with your existing pool rail anchors. When you swim carefree laps of quiet bliss or entertain your friends with backyard barbecues, the sophisticated, stainless steel railings will show your flair.

If you’ve had your pool for over ten years, it’s a great time to ask your pool professional about updated lighting options. LED lights offer a wide arrange of options that allow you to create an atmosphere that is uniquely your own. Upgrade fading fiber optic lighting to vibrant LED with the PT-6001 or PT-6002 Fiber to LED Conversion Kits.

Lastly, the Destination Series line of in-pool furniture is setting a new standard for style and elegance and features swimming pool table and seating options designed to create spaces for conversation and relaxation. Add the Destination Lounger™ and easily upgrade your sun shelf space into your new relaxation getaway.


Stage 4: The Golden Years

Smiling broadly when the grandkids show up, begging to use the pool, is what this stage of life is all about. You enjoy the pleasure of their company, while they enjoy the pleasures of the TurboTwister® pool slide you installed on their behalf. The TurboTwister gives your grandkids the thrill of a waterpark without the hassle or expense. The TurboTwister stands nearly 9' tall so they will squeal with delight as they speed towards splashdown over and over again.

SlideAway® the safe removable pool slide is also an option if you are looking for a CPSC compliant slide that does not need to be permanently affixed to a pool deck.  SlideAway combines safety, fun and durability in a slide that can be easily set-up and removed from the deck when not in use.

By the time the day is over, the grandchildren will be pleasantly worn out from splashing fun. Rest assured, they will want to do it again tomorrow, just like their parents did when they were kids. Suddenly you realize that life with a swimming pool has come full circle.