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Steel Meter Diving Stands

Product Description

The Steel Meter stand comes in three sizes ranging from 1/2 meter to 1 meter in height. Although ideal for commercial applications that require a strong and durable diving tower, the 1/2 meter size is also appropriate for residential pools where the diving board gets a lot of activity. The steel, powder coated construction is built to last for years with minimal maintenance. Board length will be determined by size and type of pool.

Specifications: 1/2 Meter accommodates 8' and 10' boards. 3/4 Meter accommodates 10' and 12' boards. 1 Meter accommodates 10' and 12' boards. Diving boards are sold separately. Handrails are required for 3/4 and 1 Meter models and are sold separately. 

Part Number(s): 70-209-501, 70-209-502, 70-209-510, 70-209-512, 70-209-520, 70-209-522, 68-209-2582

Shipping Dimensions:

1/2 Meter Stand 8' Board: 118 lbs. 45"L x 18"W x 14"H
1/2 Meter Stand 10' Board: 137 lbs. 58"L x 18"W x 14"H
3/4 Meter Stand 10' Board: 173 lbs. 58"L x 23"W x 18"H
3/4 Meter Stand 12' Board: 197 lbs. 67"L x 23"W x 18"H
1 Meter Stand 10' Board: 203 lbs. 57"L x 31"W x 18"H
1 Meter Stand 12' Board: 225 lbs. 67"L x 31"W x 18"H

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