Key Features

  • Powder-coated for increased corrosion resistance
  • Available in designer colors to match your pool slide and backyard décor
  • Board has a matching non-slip sanded tread
  • Stainless steel hardware for added corrosion resistance
  • Not recommended for salt pools. For a salt pool solution the Salt Pool Jump System can be retrofitted on a Cantilever jig

Specifications: Length: 6' or 8'. Weight limit: 250 lbs. Boards available with white or matching tread. Sandstone board comes with Taupe base and springs.

Part Number(s): 68-210-59610, 68-209-5962, 68-210-59623, 68-210-59624, 68-210-59810, 68-209-5982, 68-210-59823, 68-210-59824, 68-209-2062, 68-209-2082

Shipping Dimensions:

6' Board - 3 boxes 132 lbs: 52 lbs. 74"L x 20"W x 3"H, 60 lbs. 16"L x 14"W x 12"H, 20 lbs. 33"L x 18"W x 4"H. 8' Board - 3 boxes 163 lbs: 70 lbs. 98"L x 20"W x 3"H, 60 lbs. 16"L x 14"W x 12"H, 33 lbs. 41"L x 18"W x 4"H

Product Description

The Cantilever is our premium jump board, manufactured of heavy-duty metal. The Cantilever comes in two sizes so you can find the proper size for your diving pool. Available in a variety of designer and premium colors that blend into your backyard decor. From the powder coated steel to the durable scratch-resistant acrylic this jump board is built to last for years. Each diving board features a high-grade, slip-resistant sand tread for maximum safety, and comes with an instructional diving video to promote safety when diving in your pool. 

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