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Plastic Treads

Product Description

Now fitting both 1.5" OD  and 1.9" OD tubing. 20" Plastic Treads are made of high-impact plastic. Treads are 4" deep x 20" wide, with a 18" centerline mounting distance. Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 step kits and includes hardware and tube size adapters. Recommended for commercial ladders.

Key Features

  • High-impact plastic with vertical ribs to allow flow and help prevent corrosion
  • New adapters that allow the tread to be used with either 1.5" OD or 1.9" OD tube (included)
  • 4" deep x 20" wide, 18" centerline mounting distance
  • Hardware: tube size adaptor, 3/8" x 3 -1/4" bolts, washers & hex nuts
  • Recommended for commercial ladders

Part Number(s): LTDF-111

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