S.R.Smith has announced the winner of the “Bring Your Vacation Home” promotion that was announced in April shortly following the introduction of their new in-pool lounger, the Destination Lounger™. The promotion was in partnership with Pool and Spa News and offered exclusively to pool industry trade professionals only.

Gina Lombaros, owner of Countryside Pool Services, LLC. will receive 2 of S.R.Smith’s new Destination Loungers in her color of choice. Gina has been in the swimming pool industry for 28 years and is very proud of the small family run service, repair and renovation company she and her family have worked so hard to build. Countryside Pool Services is based out of Leesburg, VA. in Loudoun county, an affluent suburb of the Washington, DC area. 

Here is what Gina had to say when asked what she is going to do with her 2 new Destination Loungers from S.R.Smith:

“Actually, I'm beginning a pool renovation to include adding a sun ledge on my personal pool. So, I think I may keep them for my own use.  We plan to also have this pool available for our renovation clients to see the latest options and inventions in the pool industry. 

We love S.R. Smith's products. We recently installed a 15' Garden Ride slide for a client. We are excited to have the opportunity to be able to showcase the destination loungers to our clients and to enjoy them ourselves. We love that theses loungers are light weight and are easy to move from inside the pool or remove to the pool deck unlike other on the market that are heavy and difficult to drain and move when not in use. We have clients with sun ledges and an automatic pool cover and the ability to easily move the lounger when not in use is a requirement that the Destination loungers fulfill nicely.”



More about the Destination Loungers

The Destination Loungers are designed for sun shelves up to 12” for all pool types.  They are manufactured using an advanced resin transfer molding (RTM) process commonly used in aerospace and automotive applications.  RTM produces a composite material that is light weight yet strong.  In addition, Destination Loungers feature a patent pending fill system to eliminate buoyancy and are easy to drain so they can be removed from the sun shelf when not in use.  It is available in elegant Polystone and solid colors to blend with any deck décor.