In a continued effort to help pool owners ensure maintenance of ADA accessible features, S.R.Smith has just introduced a new line of pool lift covers that are designed to be placed over a lift while in the ready position.  The newly redesigned covers protect pool lifts from harsh aquatic environments - either inside swimming pool elements or the outside weather during hours the pool is closed.   S.R. Smith is also introducing a brand new Seat Saver cover that is ideal for facilities that want to protect the seat of the lift and create a visual deterrent to unauthorized use.  The seat saver is designed to cover only the seat section of the lift so it creates minimal visual obstruction on the pool deck - an important consideration particularly for locations where aesthetics are a concern.   

Smith's comprehensive line of pool lifts and pool lift covers, combined with a new line of ADA handrails and transfer bars provide high quality solutions for public and private aquatic facilities needing to update to ensure compliance with ADA law by the January 31, 2013 deadline.