S.R.Smith Gives Customer’s Ability to Track Their Order Status with Industry-Leading “Order Tracker” Tool

Canby, OR (October 26, 2021)  S.R.Smith’s new “Order Tracker” is made available to customers so they can track orders 24/7 without picking up the phone.  One customer remarked, “A big step in the right direction for you guys. No other vendor has this that I am aware of and it’s going to free up a lot of time.”

COVID-19 unquestionably has created unprecedented challenges that have made it extremely difficult for companies to service their customers the way they would like to.  S.R.Smith has prided itself on customer service for nearly 90 years, so when the pandemic hit, S.R.Smith pro-actively created an operations task force dedicated to finding new ways to best serve customers during these challenging times; leading to weekly lead time updates, expanded supply chain initiatives and now the first of several digital tools that help customers get the information they need in the most efficient way possible.   

The S.R.Smith Order Tracker was developed to give S.R.Smith customers the ability to track orders without picking up the phone! All you need is your purchase or sales order number and the ship to postal code. Once you input your order information, you will receive a summary view of your order and can expand for more details at the line level.

You can access the S.R.Smith Order Tracker at www.srsmith.com/OrderTracker or through S.R.Smith’s Trade Central.

Visit the product pages for more information about the company’s portfolio of residential and commercial pool equipment, or contact S.R.Smith at (800) 824-4387 or customercare@srsmith.com.