S.R.Smith Launches the multiLift™2 Pool Lift

Canby, OR (July 25, 2022) — S.R.Smith, now part of the Fluidra family of brands, is proud to announce the release of the multiLift2 pool lift.

The multiLift2 (ML2) is a flange mounted, ADA compliant pool lift that brings increased performance and flexibility to our best-selling flange mount series. The updated structural design adds field reversible seating and improvements in deck-to-water level capacity and setback ranges making it even more versatile on a variety of pool decks. The multiLift2 will also be the first access lift from S.R.Smith to be available in additional colors with new Slate and Taupe to complement the existing Gray Mist. Combining a new structural design and a better-performing movement in three colors will meet the needs of the HMAC (Hotel Motel Apartment Condominium) requirements for function and design.

For more information about the new multiLift2 visit the product page. To learn more about S.R.Smith's portfolio of product visit the residential or commercial sections of the website or contact S.R.Smith at (800) 824-4387 or email customercare@srsmith.com.