Did you see S.R.Smith on the Pool Chasers?

On a recent episode of Pool Chasers, S.R.Smith COO Brett Fritts discusses how builders can grow revenue by offering S.R.Smith products. Specific topics include:

- How the diving board has evolved since 1932
- Why the company began building slides
- Best practices for replacing an aging diving board
- How to properly install a CPSC compliant pool slide
- What goes into building pool lifts
- Why S.R.Smith got into the lighting business in 2013
- Mod-Lite® with PowerPass Wireless Technology
- Launching a line of in-pool furniture in 2018
- The company’s involvement in the competitive swimming space

See how S.R.Smith has kept the customer at the center with every new product development.

Pool Chasers Podcast Episode 157

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