Key Features

  • Full-sized competition floating goal
  • Strong, powder-coated aluminium frame with 3m x .9m face
  • Suits original 750mm player re-entry area
  • Patented open corner net design to reduce ball rebound
  • Net is tough polypropylene cord, knotted at every intersection
  • Durable fibreglass flotation panels provide even position in the water
  • Weighs: 30kg

Specifications: Weighs 30kg

Part Number(s): 14-61-0126

Shipping Dimensions:

49kg: 320cm x 110cm x 15cm

Product Description

This premium water polo goal features a powder coated aluminum frame, reinforced with fiberglass, and a tough, polypropylene net that is knotted at every intersection. The EVA foam floats offer superior, even flotation for maximum goal stability. Small deck wheels allow the goal to be moved easily along the pool deck.