New from S.R.Smith, the Velocity and Legacy Starting Block series are now available with a dual post as well as single post frame. “Our goal in expanding our line of elite starting blocks is to ensure we have an option for every aquatic facility,” said Dan Jorgensen, S.R.Smith V.P. of Sales. The new dual post models are made from commercial grade stainless steel which is powder-coated to provide extra protection. In addition to four standard colors, the frames can be ordered in custom colors to match school and swim team colors.

The Velocity series features a sleek, strong fiberglass footboard (28” x 32”) with a five-setting (Olympic standard), adjustable track start wedge that conveniently tucks beneath the block and opens up the entire footboard for step-up relay exchanges. “We have found coaches and swimmers are especially attracted to the flexibility of our Velocity track wedge,” said Jorgensen. “The 2nd, 3rd and 4th relay members don’t have to worry about tripping over a track start wedge, and can do the wind-up, step-forward exchanges they are accustomed to. There are also advantages during novice swim meets, when you might not want newer or younger swimmers using a track start wedge.”

The Velocity series is available with traditional sand tread that can be customized with colors and logos or our unique TrueTread™ non-slip platform surface, that’s made from a composite material with a raised diamond pattern.

The Legacy series features a strong, reinforced acrylic footboard (24” x 32”) that is finished with slip-resist sand tread that can be customized with color and logos. Both blocks can be ordered with a patented RockSolid® anchor (U.S. patent #8033077), that virtually eliminates frame movement, and are compliant with FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA, NFSH and USMS competition pool rules and guidelines.

For more information, including product specifications and AutoCAD drawings visit the product page or call 800.824.4387.