S.R.Smith's newest aquatic lift, the PAL2 has a sleek, modern look that complements any pool side.  It offers the benefits of portability, yet also meets the ADA's "fixed" requirement, with S.R. Smith's Secure-It Kit, that affixes the lift to the pool deck without the need for bonding.  Powered by the patent pending LiftOperator™ Intelligent Control, the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market, the PAL2 is as functional as it is stylish.

S.R.Smith's comprehensive line of pool lifts combined with their new line of ADA handrails and transfer bars provide high quality solutions for public and private aquatic facilities needing to update to ensure compliance with ADA law by the January 31, 2013 deadline. For more information, including product specifications and AutoCAD drawings visit the product page or call 800.824.4387.