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SealedSteel Salt Friendly Rail

Product Description

This unique coating is the number one choice for use in salt chlorinator pools. Our SealedSteel® Salt Friendly rails are completely encapsulated in a protective coating that virtually eliminates corrosion, and stays cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures. This high quality upgrade is available on many S.R.Smith ladders and rails. In addition, we've added the SealedSteel Salt Friendly protection to many popular rails and ladder styles as stock items. Please reach out to customercare@srsmith.com with questions about SealedSteel® salt friendly pool rails and ladders.

Specifications: SealedSteel cannot be used in spas and heated pools where the temperature exceeds 100F.

Part Number(s): VLLS-103E-VW, VLLS-103E-VG, VLLS-103E-VT, F4H-102-VW, F4H-102-VG, F4H-102-VT, DMS-100A-VW, DMS-100A-VG, DMS-100A-VT, DMS-101A-VW, DMS-101A-VG, DMS-101A-VT, DMS-102A-VW, DMS-102A-VG, DMS-102A-VT, DMS-103A-VW, DMS-103A-VG, DMS-103A-VT


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Salt Pool Friendly

We understand the benefits of salt chlorinator systems -- that's why we've designed a line of products that perform well in salt pool environments. Our line of rotomolded slides have been manufactured with the most durable and salt friendly materials.

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